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Book Design

We design book covers and format interior content so your product is ready to send to a book printer.

eBook Formatting

We'll turn your basic manuscript into an eReader-ready file that you can sell across the web.

File Design

Worksheets, lead magnets, reports, calendars, and more. We'll transform your concept into a polished final product.

A small book with a white cover decorated with brown feathers, and the words "Mileage and Maintenance Log Book" on the front.

My Design Process

Rebecca Wilson, Designer and Publishing Specialist

The book is such a wonderful medium, and I love to create products that are more than just items – they’re experiences. The cover, interior, content, and printing choices all work together to create a unique interaction between the reader and the object. I love experimenting with new styles and seeing client’s ideas. Together we create some really aesthetically awesome results!

Let's work together.

I’m excited to hear about your project idea! Use this form to send me an inquiry for your concept. I’ll get back to you ASAP via email and we can go from there.